Meet The Designer – Indyra Seigo

It’s Saturday morning and Im sitting patiently for my long awaited interview with Indyra Seigo from Indyra Originals. I anxiously flit through my notes, ensuring that I am fully prepped. I am not quite sure what to expect from this ‘mysterious lady’. I already have a personal perception and even though she is my boss, I can truthfully say, I know very little about her, apart from that she makes fabulous clothes.

She IM’s me, prompting for an early start, so I TP her to the Namaste Isle Model Troupe Apartment, that she kindly erected for her staff, to chill and entertain friends if we so wanted. She arrives, dressed in her creation ‘La Capitaine’

Its clear from the start of the interview that Indy’s time is precious, juggling real life family engagements with secondlife commitments. So we commence with fairly generic questions, both of us sprawlled out on the couches happily and comfortably chatting away.

JC:- You started SL in June 2006, When did you start creating clothes ?

IS :- July 2006, one month after being born. It was my intention from the start to design clothes. I have a design background in real life, though my history is with canvas painting, drawing pin up girls mainly ( she laughs ) . I started on a small parcel of land with only 1000 prim allocation filled with predominately clubwear and lingerie.

JC:- Your designs are so varied , what is your design philsophy?

IS : I like to think I design whatever moves me that day. I like everything. I know SL shoppers are up for just about anything. I keep up with RL and SL fashion trends and try to reach the widest demographic. I am not a niche market designer, that is intentional. I like to do what suits most, but most of all keep it realistic.

JC:- What rl inspirations influence your work ?
IS : First and foremost, my genelogy and my family background.

Editor’s note – At this point in the interview, Indy talks fondly of her family and in particular both her grandmothers who died of cancer. Namaste Isle, Indy’s SL Main Store location, was erected in April 2008 and dedicated in memory to her grandmother who died of cancer in February of that year. Born in St Louis, Missouri, Namaste is based on her home town. With its french colonial architecture and its downtown blues style. She talks affectionately about the store being inspired by her grandmothers closet and refers to her matriarch as ‘a classy and fierce accessorizer and goes on to say, ‘she was amazing and that is why Namaste oozes with casual elegance’

IS : I have several favorite designers in RL and I am floored by anything that Valentino makes. Its all ultra femme, never over the top. I am a girly girl in the real world, false lashes and acrylic nails ( as she taps taps loudly on the keyboard.) Pedicure, waxes, the works!

JC:-What designers have inspired you within the SL community ?

IS : My general rule of thumb is to stay out of people’s stores so that I don’t become influenced. There are some amazing designers in SL. Many of these individuals are highlighted in my picks and are listed for their work ethic, their consistency and their personal drive for success. All of them have lent me a hand in someway shape or form – and i really appreciate the support.

JC:-Compared to many designers, we hardly ever see IO on the runway , why is that ?
IS:- Honestly, in the past, I just didn’t have the time, but this is good that we are talking about this. As you know we recently restructured the staff, so in the future, we can incorporate our model troupe in shows at Namaste. The new model manager, whoever that will be, will be organising shows more often.

To me, its all about balance. I do shows, but usually with venues where I have also have satallite shops on site. I work a lot with shows for charity. I’m an avid supporter of Relay For Life. I will be releasing a dress in the forthcoming months and all proceeds will go to RFL indefinitely.

JC:-What is your favourite outfit that youve made ?
IS:-Oh gosh. Well I have 3, one from each department. From Pret-a-Porter, I’d say the “Suha Collection.”  From Formals, “Marketa Imperiale. From Intimates, “Caressa”. From Footwear “Kelsi” pumps. From Accessories, the “Snakeskin” clutches. 
 JC:- When do you think Indyra Originals became a key player in the fashion world of SL and why ?

IS:-All I can tell you is that I keep my fingers on the pulse of sl fashion, and try my hardest to provide what the people want. Originality is a must. That is why I design all my own clothes and everything is 100% hand-drawn. I find it disappointing the amount of clothing prefabs that can be found on the marketplace.

JC:- What are your biggest selling and most popular items, do you know ?
IS:-My husband keeps a tally of what are my biggest sellers. ( She pauses , flits about on her computer and brings up her detailed sales chart ) . Actually my #1 selling design, this season, is “Venice” in noir. Followed closely by, “La Isla.” 
JC:- What kind of a person is Indyra Seigo ? I imagine you to be quite shy and retiring !
IS:-Laughs out Loud ! Well, sometimes, people take my silence as snobbery when in reality, I’m just on ‘GO’ anytime I’m logged in because this is my full time job. Its what I do so I don’t have the luxury of the casual stop and chat style communication that is so regular here in SL.  ( Laughs some more ). Girl, Ive hurt peoples’ feelings!, not on purpose. Its only because I have to keep my eye on the prize.

Editors note, I am now conscious that Indyra has been sitting with me chatting for almost an hour and a half. She speaks freely and is laid back and down to earth in her general approach. I stress my concern about time. She reconfirms she is more than happy chatting to me, as I ask her the last question of the morning …..

JC:- So what new collections can we expect to see from you in the next couple of months ?

IS:-Well, I’m holding back on releasing right now because I’m creating a new fall/winter collection. I may trickle a couple of the pieces, but I will release monthly.

As I wrap up the interview, I must say how much I enjoyed myself. I feel privileged that Indy felt comfortable enough to share some personal details with me regarding her family life. More importantly my whole perception of her as an individual has changed. Sometimes, it only takes a small indepth conversation with someone to change your complete opinion of a person. As Indy TPed out to manage her rl, I stayed and reflected on the interview.

In short, Indyra Seigo, a fun loving, family orientated gal with headstrong characteristics and an eye for fashion. A style icon who is extremely relaxed and comfortable in her own skin.


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