Angie Mornington talks Fashion with Indyra Seigo!

For anyone that missed the Fabulous Fashion interview on Monday 6th April, you can see it here . I was fortunate enough to be amongst the studio audience and felt this interview was delightful and a very enriching experience.

First I’d like to say, Angie Mornington is nothing short of fabulous and is very insightful within the SL fashion world! She interviews the most talented creators that we all know (or will know) and love!

Now for our talented designer, Indyra! After watching this television segment, I noted Indyra’s sophisticated yet personable and upbeat nature. Her keen fashion sense coupled with her ambition for success was the perfect match for the evolutionary SL fashion world. Indyra’s RL educational background (Digital Design artist, and natural-media painter) fused with her musical and cultural influences provides a well-rounded key player within the industry!

She talked about her real-life inspirations along with her SLcollection types, clientele that she serves, texture design process (tediously working with her very own hand-made textures), and gave us a peek at her latest creations. OH! Wait!! And let’s not forget the interesting tid bit about Jenna Jameson (YES, you know who she is)!

Now, moving right along…
The first of the 5 designs featured on the show:

Couture Collection: Dreamscape I
What’s white and gold and chic all over? Dreamscape I! One of the two series gown. The gown was designed based on Egyptian culture with a modern twist. Even though the design is reminiscent of ancient Egypt, it has a modern edge to it, with jewels attached to the dress. This piece has a regal and guilded look.

Stylecard – Model:-  SerinaJane Loon wearing Dreamscape I


(The following pieces below are all available in many different color combinations!!)

Couture Collection: Valentina: Pinkberry
The Valentina is a wonderfully embellished dress with magnificent detail. It has a sheer overlay over the solid print of the Marilyn Monroe effect skirt. The sweetheart neckline emphasises the chest with the details on the bodice duplicating on the back.

Stylecard – Model:-  Nemi McCoy wearing Valentina: Pinkberry


L’Ardent: Persimmon & Gold
Stay a step ahead in this one of a kind, fun mini dress. Originally the dress was planned to be released nearer to Valentines and was originally meant to designed as a long dress. Perfect for a special event . All dresses released are always accompanied with a shoe ( Flirt 24 carot). Very Mardi gras, vibrant and colourful. Extremely flirtatious. All textures are completely hand drawn and are unique to her creativity.

C’est Facile: Rasberry
This is a cute , sassy outfit and was designed for springtime attire. Accompanied with puff sleeves / sheer overlay and a ruffled prim collar. Tweed Bell Pant Legs, subtle pin stripes and patent high waisted belt. A perfect outfit for shopping.

Stylecard – Model:-  Persephone Paine wearing C’est Facile: Rasberry


Last but not least the soon to be released spring ensemble ‘La Capitaine’.

Indyra Original’s LATEST teaser
This has to be Indyras favourite outfit that she has ever designed to date. This is a sneak peak of her spring/summer collection . The theme is french military inspired. Lots of garments that have a military feel but are super femme. She wanted to put a splash of french on this piece while staying modern (and also stay with a theme). Once again, all hand drawn textures and once again super flirty, suiting any skin tone which makes a perfect addition to any fashionista’s wardrobe!

Stylecard – Model: Accountant Adzebills wearing NEW Release La Capitaine in red


Stop by Indyra’s to satisfy all of your fashionista needs and check out all of the featured releases with many more coming soon!

Written by Cami Bamboo

Photography by Harmonica Aabye


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