*NEW* Release ‘La Capitaine’

The time has finally arrived for the INDYRA ORIGINALS  NEW Spring release: “La Capitaine” .   Many of you are aware, that Indyra teased the crowd at Angie Mornington’s Fabulous Fashion, with a sneak preview of this creative, fresh ensemble. 


Dress /Jacket – “La Capitaine”  now available in store

Bag – Indy & Co.:  “Fab” Hobo: Red now available in store

Shoes – Indyra Originals  Coquette Noir Shoes: Josephine: Black now available in store


Photograph by Shamira Rives

Versitile, cropped, urbane style jackets with generous, three-quarter-length sleeves and oversized collar with rose accent.  The dress features a strapless Empire-waist dress with a sweetheart-style neckline.  The front of the fitted bodice is trimmed with a satiny, bow-tie belt and the pleated skirt ends in gentle folds above a full, flouncy, crinoline base.  This ensemble includes the kiddskin gloves, but they are also available for individual purchase. 

Stylecard – Model: Accountant Adzebills wearing NEW Release La Capitaine in red



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