Maseno Charity Auction Indyra ONE OFF Design

The Maseno Project, is a project to provide real life support for an orphanage in a small village just outside of Maseno, north of the lakeside city, Kisumu, in Western Kenya.

During the course of April,  there have been various fashion shows supporting this charity.

On the 26th April,  at the Einstein sim, Indyra Seigo will be teaming up with well known fashion designers within the SL community including  Nardya Rousselot ( Nardcotix), Ashoka Eales ( Phoenix Rising ), Edo Tone  (Styles of edo), Thea Tamura ( TTF ), Chianera Cioc (Chianera Cioc Couture), Asalt Eames ( Sweetaholic ) showcasing ONE OFF Pieces for this charity auction.  

Indyra has created, in her own words ‘ a killer dress’  called “Abyss Gown”


The designs in the flyer,  are a taster of the ONE OFF Pieces these incredible designers will be auctioning as part of the charity project. 

More information will be posted as it becomes available.


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