Anubis style does vary

Anubis challenge for The Fashion Designers Challenge

You are a CLOTHES Designer, and you are challenged by Pushbutton Skolnick!

She is challenging you to:

“Create a severely overworn outfit, as if it’s the only outfit you own and you’ve had to repair it time and time again to maintain it. Replace buttons, patch it with different fabrics, even crudely stitch it and/or duct tape it together. Whatever resources you use to do these is entirely up to you, but it should look kind of do it yourself, no access to a tailor kind of thing. The logic behind it is up to you: Could be post-apocalyptic, could be hobo-ish, could be DIY squatter aesthetics. Your call.” – Pushbutton Skolnick.

Model: Westwind Ackland of Indyra modelling troupe – wearing “Elekim” by Anubis Hartunian. Photo By Harmonica Aabye.

Tattered and mended

Tattered and mended

Oh my wow do I love this interpretation! This is deconstruction at its very best. Every stitch, tear, repair looks intentional, yet functional. The contrast of skirt fabrics is the best part for me though. I enjoy the combinations of sheers, prints, perforations, satin-it all works. Anyone could easily feel like a million bucks in this rework. Move over Scarlet O’hara, a new wind is in town-and it goes by the name of Anubis Hartunian!

~Indyra Siego


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