Beauty is skin deep

Fashion Designer Challenge, designer Nyte Vargas is Co-Owner of IEVL ~ Innocently Evil. She chose to accept her challenge before it self destructs. She received a skin creation challenge from Ina Centaur of iC – iCouture – Fashions which reads as follows:

Create a skin that could walk right out of the virtual world of Second Life (TM) into real life.

“Well, I do not consider that I truly met what she meant for that challenge. I typically make fantasy based skins and am relatively new to skin creation. I have to say that I did learn quite a bit about creating the base skin. I will be tweaking this one over time. I loved the challenge because it forced me to work outside of my comfort zone and learn things that will only improve my skills overall.

Modelled by Westwind Ackland of Indyra’s model troupe. Photo by Harmonica Aabye

Come to life

Come to life

What I love about your Andree skin is that it is a complete departure from Nyte’s usual flow. It is a subtle beauty that is fresh and dare I say innocent! The tones are neutral, honest and sensual. What a great way to to kick off a new experience. It is fabulous skin right out of the gate, well done to you!

~ Indyra Siego


One thought on “Beauty is skin deep

  1. Thank you Indyra!! We will see where this skin goes over the coming year. šŸ˜€ Though the challenge has ended, I decided to keep working on it until I feel I actually complete it. With friends and their support, the worst that happens is that the skin improves. Thank you for writing a lovely blog about the skin. You are amazing!


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