News: Indyra@Frost by Depraved Nation

Frost by Depraved NationWhat is FROST, you ask? WELL.  Its only one of the most anticipated events of the season.   This sim-wide event will feature over 100 incredible creators giving you their all for this special event. Expect one-of-a-kind thrills, chills & spills during this high-voltage experience@ DEPRAVED NATION.

SPONSORED BYRazorblade Jacket, League, Gawk, DeeTalez, KMADD, Belleza, Gabriel, AlterEgo, Insanya, bubble, Plastik, SAKIDE & Deer.

PRODUCED & HOSTED BY: The ever sharp Kehl Razor & the meticulous Heather Smithson!  

Event begins 12-12-12 and runs until 1-2-13.

Gifts for all, Live DJ’s & fireworks, oh my! Stay tuned…


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