Special event news:

Indyra Originals & GLOBAL DOMINATION!


Spearheaded by none other than Rubystarlight Writer at Hottie Cooterati, Global Domination will absolutely bring out your inner secret agent with a fun and imaginative game. Nothing is hidden so don’t call this a hunt, its an international adventure!

You need a passport to play. Your passport guarantees your access to loads of prizes from some of the very best talent in fashion, beauty & home.

Passport cost is 300L thru Feb. 14, 2012 after which the cost will be 400L



Beginning February 14th, visit 17 countries to uncover secret packages by solving witty riddles. They aren’t so easy to decipher, but the rewards are FABulous.


HOW TO PLAY: Rules of Engagement



1: Purchase a passport at here ->limo to Passport Terminal .  Passports are 300L thru February 14th, then they will be 400L for the remainder of the event. You must wear your passport to interact with and receive all rewards.  Get yours early, you still have time!

2: Each Passport Location will offer a special gift. click here to see all Passport Terminal hosting sites

Hottie Cooterati is the mad genius machine behind this spectacular event and I’m proud to be apart of it.  Presenting “Global Domination”, which promises to be the IT event of the season by far.

Details here.

Indyra Originals Gift with Passport purchase: blythe poster

Last but not least, here is our Reward for intercepting the Trickster!

Indyra Originals' Global Domination Reward

Indyra Originals’ Global Domination Reward

Hope to see at the finishline!


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