{Indyra} Claudette: All Colors

{Indyra} Claudette poster

{Indyra} Claudette poster

{Indyra} Claudette-All colors poster

{Indyra} Claudette-All colors poster

Femme deluxe! On trend and bad chick certified, this collection is full of fall go-to staples to get you through the season like the glam ready sophisticate you are. All colors included!

❤ Indyra
Full version includes All Colors

– Skin -} TheSkinshop: Pussy: 04 – Lt. Brown Brows
– Shape -} Indyra: Coming Soon!
– Hair -} Tableau Vivant: Harlow: Summer HUD Blonde #2
– Lips -} Heartsick: Lips: Antique
– Shades -} Indyra: (included)
– Shoes -} Indyra: Bourbon St.: Starfish

Available in world: click here

Available on the Mareketplace: click here


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