{Indyra} {Indyra} Bonne Evening Gowns, Chokers & Clutches – F/W 2015

{Indyra} Bonne Editorial 1

{Indyra} Bonne Editorial 1

{Indyra} Bonne Editorial 2

{Indyra} Bonne Editorial 2

Bonne colors

Bonne colors

{Indyra} Bonne Editorial 3

{Indyra} Bonne Editorial 3

Sumptuous evening gowns with luxe materials enabled. Chic bodice, delicate lace and femme details make this collection sweet and very sexy. Fitted mesh, Mesh chokers & clutches included this time. Single colors available in world ❤ Indyra

-5 mesh jackets (HUD) *materials* enabled
-5 mesh chokers (HUD)
-5 mesh clutches *materials* enabled

MP: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Indyra-Bonne-Fatpack/7687456
in world: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Namaste%20Isle/189/127/27


skin -} .: fiore :. Female Skin Base SPF20

skin2 -} .: fiore :. Female Skin Base SPF30

Hair -} little bones. Mermaid Motel (L)

Mesh Head-} .: fiore :. Contoured Mesh Head –  SPF30

Shape -} Indyra Model – XS

Nailpolish-} Deesses Skins: Slink Avatar Enhancement – Colored fingernails; Coumn 2, polish 5

Hands/Feet -} Slink

Purse -} {Indyra} Ginseng Clutch (included)

Shoes -} [Sheba] Baucis heels base

Map -} {Petite Maison} Mercator World Map

Table -} a[Petite Maison} Monte’ Side Table: Ebony

Candlesticks/Candles -} {Petite Maison} Monte Candle Sticks

Greyhound -} {anc} flottante puppy. cream .  Collabor8 August


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