Copy Alerts

Unfortunately there will always be a group of individuals seeking insta-fame and they think the best way to go about it is either copy-botting or by making cheap knock offs of already established works. We can’t stop them all, but we sure can make them look silly in the interim. I Tysm for your kind attention you guys! I appreciate you for bringing this to my attention.




{Indyra} vs Essenaz Creations – RESOLVED (as of 11-23-2015, item is no longer on the marketpace. Thanks…)

This is not a copy-botted product, but I think we can all agree this is a bit much. The best remedy for this kind of offense I’ve found is to shame them into correctness. I can’t tell you what to do here, but anyone who  buys the Essenaz product on the Marketplace and leaves a review about the truth will not only receive the original product from me for free, but also a L$ reward  in the amount of L$205 or or L$100 which just happens to be the cost of the outfit fatpack or the single color.  ;D

There is an open letter to this person at the end of this post. My fans are the best. Thanks for bringing this to my attention you guys!






Open Letter to the culprit:

To whom it may concern,

Hello 🙂

Its true, you borrowed way too much of my creativity, but you certainly did not use a copybot program to do it, like many have suggested to me that you have.

As of today, 25 shoppers have contacted me with concerns of theft for this, and although I have made it clear that in my opinion you did not use a copybot, they have still used words like “scammer,” “Copy-bot,” “desperate,” “rip-off,” “fake,” & “poor quality.” Two of them shared they had similar experiences with you in the past,  though I will mention no names here.

I decided that I have spent too much time explaining the differences so I made a blog post about this. Now, when they ask, I just send them here to check it out for themselves. Curious what my position is? Copy/paste this link in your browser.

Now. I’m not your mother, and I most certainly cannot tell you what to do, but I will tell you as someone who has been a very successful designer in SL since 2006 that if your goal is to become rich and famous in SL, you are doing it the wrong way. Trust when I say you don’t want to be known as the “designer” who makes cheap knock-offs in SL. It always ends badly.

Indyra Seigo // {Indyra} CEO

P.S. I have offered a refund of YOUR product (with my own L$’s) and the real outfit I made a year ago for free, to anyone willing to buy and leave a review on your product about what’s really going on here.

You can make this go away at any time by making it less obvious that you borrowed most of my creativity for this product. If you do that, let me know and I’ll stop telling people what I know which is that my product predates yours by almost a year, and that even though I can’t claim to own the rights to a crop top/pencil skirt outfit, it is very clear you hijacked my creativity right down to the color pallate & product poster. I’m just saying…