Hunts we did in 2015!

February 1 – February 28

Jack or Jill Hunt 4.0

Hunts we did in 2014!

ooh la la hunt flier alpha

ooh la la hunt flier alpha

I’m feeling Festive!

To celebrate, I’ve placed 17 fancy bowls of French Macarons around the store in themed hiding spots with free trinkets inside! There is one bowl for each day of the season up to New Years Eve! You can expect to find clothing, jewelry, accessories & home decor. Items are subject to change randomly so not all hunters will receive the same items. Be sure to come back and check!

Official Hints are published down below.

NO fees and NO group required, this hunt is open to all . Come hunt with us!

Happy Hollidays!

Click here for a limo

{Indyra} Ooh La La Holiday Hunt Hint List

Hint 1: Have several seats
Hint 2: Cat’s Meow
Hint 3: More Cappuccino please
Hint 4: Curtain Call
Hint 5: These boots were made for walking
Hint 6: Paris Lights
Hint 7: Guitar song
Hint 8: “Thank you for calling {Indyra}, how can I help you?”
Hint 9: Chinese Takeout
Hint 10: Designer’s corner – vintage edition
Hint 11: Fights fire
Hint 12: Impossible lavender fields
Hint 13: All packed
Hint 14: Cavity central
Hint 15: Music break
Hint 16: Bottle Service
Hint 17: World traveler


Hunts we did in 2013!

February 14- February 28

I Love New York Hunt


March 15 – April 20

Depraved Pink Fusion 2013


August 30 – September 2

Finesmith - bye bye Summer Hunt


September 1 – September 13

Campus Crawl -Back To School -Hunt


Nov 30



Hunts we did in 2012!

Jack or Jill Hunt Sign 2012 Final

The With Love Hunt 2 will be the fifth CHIC Management hunt with 100 participating brands & will begin on December 9th & run till January 6th. Each hunt Item will be for sale at 10L with a Value at or around 400L. The concept for this hunt is simple; thanking customers for their loyal support throughout the year.

1    Nemesis     boxed item
2    RIDDLE  
3    Ladies Who Lunch      “Sometimes seeing is believing. And sometimes the most real things in the world are the things we can’t see.”
4    anthem.      what a messy corner!
5    Beetlebones     Where the loose change lives
6    tulip.          Have a seat and cool off. I’m your biggest fan!
7    LG Concept    do you have a desperate passion for bags???
8    MADesigns    Award winning hiding!
9    Haberdashery           Climb up the tree, but don’t get stuck! Look up high for a gift of luck!
10    PRISS    Too much words?
11    INDI Designs    touch me to get to me (female)    OR   hiding in the firnace. (male)
12    Di’s Opera  Keep lookin’ rock star!
13    CheerNo   
14    R.icielli    Look for the northern light of Eos
15    Apple May      Nice and snuggie!
16    Bliss Couture   All fur coat and no knickers
17    oOo Studio       Near the entry, in the hall, beneath the lamp, thank you all!
18    Nyte’N’Day       It’s probably near some bottoms…some blue bottoms…
19    The Plastik     Look up to be ported in the right direction.
20   No longer in the hunt
21    Y&R      Shiny new purchases!
22    Intrigue Co    Sealed with a kiss.
23    ISPACHI      Lots of nice little presents under the tree :) 
24    d. Select   Framed
25    Baffle!     spend the evening, unpacking books of boxes.. ;
26    Pink Fuel     Even sad bunnies need a pick me up
27    LePetale Easy to see
28    NARDCOTIX        A feline protector
29    no longer in the hunt
30    Awesome Blossom     Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful!
31    ISON    To be a star you must shine your own light.
32    Osmose    I wish I could fly
33    Callie Cline      IT’S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN, (danadadaaa, danana na naaaa danadanaa)
34   MONS   I’d like to hear your voice… Cause, I miss you so much my love.
35    Magpie  Easy to see  (updated)
36    Glam Affair    ….. are the mirror of the soul (West)
37    SIGMA Jewels    Daphne knows
38    Indyra Originals  There are two stores in the hunt on this sim, look for INDYRA ORIGINALS store.  Its time for tea
39    Aura   You’ve got this one in the bag!
40    Sn@tch     If it’s not inside and not outside, where is it?
41    [-iPoke-] Piercings    Persephone will lead you.
42    Gawk!        Complete the songtext: Don’t Forget The love Under the ……… …. Tonight
43    Izzie’s    Where is the tree?
44    artilleri    Current affairs
45    { what next }    Look in the window
46    CIA Designs   Easy to see
47    PHILO      I like to read
48    LOSTANGEL Industries      Buried amongst the presents. USE SLURL NOT LM.
49   LOQ Hairs      Love is a gifts
50    KittyCats!    Oh, Christmas tree! Oh, Christmas tree!
51    paper.doll    Get cozy
52    imbue   BE COOL MAN, BE COOL!
53    STaTUS    What goes up, must come down, if your lost just look around.
54    Zenith Fashion    Sweater, Overcoat, Jumper… It’s going to be a cold winter!
55    MAMBOO CHIC     Not confirmed to be out
56    REALE     I need a rest… oops, what’s that?
57    KUNGLERS    I’m sweet as candy!
58    *CONNORS*     Be careful! This chair is an antique!
59    [ glow ] Studio   look for it at the eyelashes department
61    RezIpsa Loc           Sometimes things get lost behind the curtain
62    Gizza Creations        Wedged in there somewhere!
63    Peqe     Don’t look at me, I’m not an alligator.
64   aDORKable Poses    Let the candle lead your way.
65    SAKIDE  One fir has it
66    Tomoto    Tiny tots love tiny treats under the tiny tree
67    ATOMIC    The elk knows all
68    Jack Spoon    Feed Me Seymour!
69   CHANTKARE    Curtains Up
70   Lara Hurley Skins    Flowers
71    SLUG    Curtains Up!
72    Medley  Ahhh. Nice to have a rest after all this searching.
73    je suis  – I think the hint says “Through the looking glass”..
74    SHIKI  – VIPS have all the fun! (female)   This year’s collection has a CITY VIBE (male)
75    SugarSmack – There are two stores in the hunt on this sim, look for SUGARSMACK store. Go East. Lorne knows this one is hard to find.
76    { essences }  Te amo Perú!  —- NEW LANDMARK. Use the SLURL!
77    DCNY  As pretty as a picture, through glass take a look – a treat for my loved ones will sit by this nook.
78    My Precious 
79    MIAMAI  Near the pretty ladies in red.
80   Elemiah Design   Run, run, as fast as you can, you can’t catch me!
81    Haut.Monde      Easy to see
82   JEM    Look in corner close to shoes
83   PurpleMoon Creations    Go back in time in this little room
84    Boho  Steady on Sloan (please buy the sign beside it too, or use the slurls as the LM in this box for Ivalde is wrong!!)
85    Ivalde   Left on the sidetable
86    VoguE Fashion    Inside the curvy table
87    PIDIDDLE     Look for something yellow
88    u.f.o      Not confirmed to be out
89    E! Eclectic Apparel and Accessories       Up! Up! and…..
90    vive9    “Where the wild go to groom
91    sYs    come see me on the other side of the pond, and i’ll salute you
92    -Hanaya-  Yummy Collectibles    Look for a place where even queens, presidents and the Dalai Lama go alone.
93    Leverocci         Strange… this doesn’t look like the other purses.
94   White Widow   You will find me near confettis
95    YS&YS      For your Eyes only
96    Onyx Wear  Don’t get behind, stay up to date!
97    U&R DOGS    Branch out into jewelry
98    BAIASTICE    You spin me right round baby right round!
99    WTG          I m with my folks who are similar to my looks :D   (top floor)
100    Style by Kira    Look for the Angel on the shelf and you will find a gift or two.



Hunts we did in 2011!

Indyra Originals @ Second Annual Red Seal Hunt at the Rue

The Hunt is on!  Runs September 16-October 4.

Designer List:

  1. [ba] barnesworth anubis prefabs
  2. { Zeery } Color Couture 
  3. Lisa L
  4. Delicioso Designs
  5. Madville Textures
  6. Metaverse Couture
  7. Black Karbon
  8. Pulling Strings
  9. Calico Ingmann Creations
  10. Indyra Originals
  11. Raspberry Aristocrat
  12. Barnes Boutique
  13. {JUNK} Jewelry

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