Let’s get you started at the Giftcard Station at the front entrance.

Indyra Giftcard Station2


  1. LEFT CLICK any Giftcard value you want to give.
  2. Choose “Yes” or “No” to confirm you want to buy one.
  3. “Accept” the Giftcard object, locate it in your inventory.
  4. RIGHT CLICK the Giftcard object and “Wear” it.
  5. LEFT CLICK the the Giftcard value again to “Pay” and Activate the card with the amount you wanted to gift.
  6. Remove the card and give it to anyone you like.
  7. Now, tell the recipient they need to come and click the “Redeem Your Giftcard” Button before they can start shopping. Once they Activate their Giftcard in this way, they can simply RIGHT CLICK any vendor to start using their balance. The “Redeem Your Giftcard” Button is circled in pink in this photo: Redeem Giftcard here2



1. LEFT CLICK the “Redeem Your Giftcard” button

Redeem Giftcard here2

2. Click “Redeem” from the blue pop-up window.

3. You are ready to shop! Now you can RIGHT CLICK any vendor to choose “Use Credit” to get started.

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