{Indyra} Secret Mix&Match Summer Set

{Indyra} Secret poster

{Indyra} Secret poster

{Indyra} Secret Colors

{Indyra} Secret Colors

Sexy from every angle! This flirty, back bearing silhouette is perfect for the modern vixen. The *Materials Ready* option make this set effortlessly sexy & over the top posh. Earrings included. ❤ Indyra

-4 mesh tops (HUD) *materials* enabled
-5 mesh skirts (HUD) *materials* enabled

MP – https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Indyra-Secret/7476983
in world – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Namaste%20Isle/189/127/27

Skin -} .: fiore :. Female Skin Base SPF30

Hair -} .: fiore :. ISABEL Hair – Ombres (S)

Mesh Head-} .: fiore :. Contoured Mesh Head – Aylah SPF30

Shape -} Indyra Model – XS

Nailpolish-} Deesses Skins: Slink Avatar Enhancement – Colored fingernails; Coumn 2, light pink

Hands/Feet -} Slink

Shoes -} R.icielli – THEA High Heels for Slink Feet / Nude Gold

{Indyra} Summer 2015: Vitae’

{Indyra} Vitae'

{Indyra} Vitae’

{Indyra} Suha Stones

{Indyra} Suha Stones

{Indyra} Vitae' colors

{Indyra} Vitae’ colors

{Indyra} Lila Tote

{Indyra} Lila Tote

{Indyra} Vitae' zoom

{Indyra} Vitae’ zoom

Pretty Please! Be ready for sunshine in this beautifully Bohemian, airy flounce top & skirt set. Ultra femme details and loads of extras make this a summertime win. Earrings, Necklaces & purses included this time. Enjoy ❤

The Fitted Mesh clothing included in this set has been tested for compatibility with the following mesh bodies.

-Maitreya Lara Mesh Body
-Belleza Mesh Body
-Slink Physique

Fitted mesh clothing and bodies are entirely affected by the shape you are wearing underneath. Changing your shape will change the size of your mesh body and therefore affect the fit of your fitted mesh clothing.

It is strongly advised that you try the DEMO to test compatibility with your choice of shape. It cannot be guaranteed that your chosen shape is compatible with this mesh, only that certain shapes are compatible when worn with the above mesh bodies.

Be sure to test yours with the DEMO in advance. ❤

-6 mesh tops (HUD) *materials* enabled
-6 mesh skirts (HUD)*materials* enabled
-6 necklaces
-6 earrings
-6 mesh totes (HUD) *materials* ready




Skin-} THESKINSHOP (16) (SKIN) ‘Bambi’

Hair -} little bones. Meander (L)

Mesh Head-}  #TheMeshProject (BETA) Head(f) – Fierce (Deluxe)

Eyes-} Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eye (London Fog, w4) L

Shape -} Indyra Model xs

Body -} Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4

Lipstick-}  THESKINSHOP (16) (LIPSTICK) ‘Jetset’ (Bright Pinks)

Nailpolish-} Deesses Slink Colored Finternails HUD Column 2, color 4

Hands/Feet -} Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) – High

Shoes -} R.icielli – ALENA Platform  Heels for Slink / Snow

Necklace-} {Indyra} Suha Stones (included)

Earrings-} {Indyra} Suha Stones (included)

Purse-} {Indyra} Lila Totebags (included)

Indyra Pre-Fall Release- Sahtiva

Indyra Originals Sahtiva- shown in 'Turbulence'

Indyra Originals Sahtiva- shown in ‘Turbulence’

Indyra Originals Sahtiva- shown in All Colors

Indyra Originals Sahtiva- shown in All Colors

Indyra Pre-Fall Release- Sahtiva

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Now available on the Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Indyra-Originals-Mesh-Sahtiva-Tops-Skirts-Set-All-Colors/5138601

Complete outfit includes the Sahtiva Mesh Tops, flexi skirts, & bra. All jewelry is included as an added bonus.  Enjoy!

❤ Indyra

-6 mesh tops
-6 flexi skirts
-1 bikini top
-2 bangle sets
-1 pair earrings


– Skin -} Body Co: Orchid: Tropez: Brown Brows
– Shape -} Indyar: Coming Soon!
– Hands -} Slink
– Lips -} Pink Acid: Diva Lip: Beige
– Lashes -} Indyra: Coming Soon!
– Hair -} Truth: Denee: Browns 05
– Eyes -} Mayfly: Deep Sky Mesh Eyes: Desert Dawn
– Shoes -} Indyra: Mia: Noir
– Bracelet -} Melee Bangle Stack: Included!
– Bracelet -} Sylph Bangle: Noir: Included!
– Earrings: -} Porta Nova Earrings: Noir: Included!

Indyra Originals: The “Gaia” Collection

Indyra Originals "Gaia" poster

Indyra Originals “Gaia” poster

gia colors poster

gia colors poster

Indyra Originals "Gaia" Lolas poster

Indyra Originals “Gaia” Lolas poster

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Also available on the markeptlace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Indyra-Originals-Lolas-The-Gaia-Collection-ALL-COLORS-INCLUDED/4915301

Complete outfit includes the Gaia mesh summer pants & knit lace tops that are Lolas! Mesh Breast compatible. Enjoy the Special Edition “Suha” Beaded necklace & earrings sets as an added bonus. Enjoy!

❤ Indyra

-7 knit tops
-7 Lolas! Mesh breast knit top appliers
-7 Gaia mesh summer pants
-7 necklaces
-7 pair of earrings

– Skin -} THESKINSHOP: Alana: 22
– Shape -} Indyra: Coming Soon!
– Hands -} Slink
– Lashes -} Indyra: Coming Soon!
– Hair -} Lelutka: Vibrato: Blondefun
– Eyes -} Mayfly: Deep Sky Mesh Eyes: Deep Shadow
– Shoes -} Indyra: Flirt: White
– Earrings -} Indyra: Suha Beads: Live Coral – included!
– Necklace -} Indyra: Suha Beads: Live Coral – included!

{Indyra} Tribeca

Indyra Originals New Release: Tribeca

Indyra Originals New Release: Tribeca

Shop the collection here

Enter the Savvy Lolita! This collection is all inclusive. 6 Mesh skirts, 6 tops, 6 vests & 6 brooched collars to match – I do love a good modern fantasy. Come try the demo!

❤ Indyra


– Skin -} Body Co: Lavender: Light
– Shape -} Indyra: Coming Soon!
– Hands -} Slink
– Lashes -} Indyra: Coming Soon!
– Eyes -} Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eye: Olive Hazel Shadow
– Hair -} Truth: Marina: Fatpack
– Lips -} Heartsick: Lips: Bubblegum